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Waste Management 8

Install rubbish gathering systems or devices in your marina or waterway

Why – Our oceans are polluted with a staggering volume of waste. Collecting and removing rubbish from our local waterways and marinas may not solve the key problem of too much plastic being produced but is an important part of the fight against the harm plastic pollution creates when left to break down in our waters.


How – Most club facilities will have drains that lead directly to the ocean, or recognise the flow of water that ends up capturing floating debris and rubbish inside their marina and waterways. There are a variety of tools and approaches clubs can take to remove the rubbish that collects in marinas or surrounding waterways.

Clubs could partner with marina operators to establish a regular rubbish collection roster. It could be as simple as establishing a roster for volunteers to use a pool sieve to scoop rubbish and plastics from your marina on a regular basis.
Installing drain filters can reduce the amount of plastic directly entering the ocean and waterways. Consider working alongside local council to participate in getting drain filters installed.

Stormwater360 are just one of many specialist stormwater technology companies who manage stormwater runoff and its impact on the environment and may have expertise, support and advice to offer.

Seabins are innovative sea-cleaning devices that collect trash floating in ports and marinas. They also collect data on the state of global waterways, guiding efforts to clean the oceans. While there is a cost involved, many clubs and marinas have established successful Seabin projects with sponsors and partners who benefit from the promotional and educational material the bins provide.

Consider creating an educational project for your club with local community or schools using the valuable data collected. Be proactive publicising your initiative as this will help raise awareness around the issues and harmful effects of plastic pollution.

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