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Conduct a water usage audit

Why – There is an increasing need to conserve water as we’re confronted with more extreme weather conditions causing drought and water shortages in many regions. By starting with an accurate measure of usage, clubs can measure improvements and make informed changes. Reducing water usage will also save money for many clubs. 

How – Contact your water provider to request a usage report from previous bills.

If your club is on tank supply, consider starting a record of tank levels throughout the year.

Install rainwater catchment systems 
Why – Rainwater harvesting has many benefits and can be easily implemented, from a simple rain barrel to a comprehensive rainwater harvesting system that integrates with an irrigation system or clubhouse plumbing.


Rainwater harvesting takes the pressure off during peak summer months, saving treated water for more important and appropriate water uses.  


It’s also a great educational tool and helps people to recognise their individual water usage. 

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