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Resource Conversation 2

Look for ways to reduce your club’s water consumption

Why – Many regions throughout New Zealand are about to undergo reform with water supply legislation. A likely outcome of this will be an increase in cost for water supply. That makes reducing water usage both financially and environmentally important to clubs.

Check for and repair any leaks in taps, hoses, sinks and bathrooms
Why – Small leaks in our water system can add up to an enormous volume of wasted water over time. Simple maintenance to identify and repair dripping taps or investigating a consistently wet patch on club grounds can lead to considerable savings both in water used and cost.

Use trigger nozzles on washdown hoses to reduce excess flow and time

Why – Washing boats after use will reduce wear and tear as well as maintenance costs for clubs based near the ocean. It’s also important to wash boats and trailers at fresh-water venues to avoid the transfer of harmful organisms to other venues. We can reduce the amount of wasted water during washdowns if trigger nozzles are used, which cuts the flow of water instantly and creates pressure to get the job done faster.

Install inline or push-button timers for club showers and hoses
Why – By regulating the time available for showers and boat washdowns, timers create a greater sense of awareness for the user and reduces the amount of water wasted.


Fit full and half-flush cisterns in club toilets
Why - Each Aucklander typically uses between 140 and 175 litres of water every day, with approximately 18 percent of that allocated to toilets. Clubs can hugely reduce the volume of water used in toilets by installing half-flush cisterns and this can be done as and when repairs and replacements allow.

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