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Resources to help you become a Clean Club


Best practice criteria lists 

Hover your mouse over the logos below and download the templates below and use them to check off your club's best practice criteria 





Links to resources or suppliers

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Administration and Leadership

2. Policy examples

Waste Management 

1. Conducting a waste audit



2. Exploring composting options


3. Creating three streams of waste 


4. Creating signage

Auckland Council has developed a new app to either download or ask questions. 

5. Work with suppliers to reduce packaging for deliveries

6. Installing permanent water refill stations

7. Reducing single-use food service ware

8. Installing rubbish gathering systems or devices in marinas and waterways

Resource Conservation

1. Conducting a water use audit

3. Preventing oil pollution

Many Supercheap Auto and Repco stores offer oil recycling.

4. Encouraging the use of reef safe sunblock

Goodbye Ouch offer Yachting New Zealand Clean Club members a discount, personalised named labels and provide metal tubs rather than plastic bottles. 

5. Eliminating harmful cleaning products

New Zealand's only range of eco-friendly cleaning products creating jobs for Kiwi's with disabilities with recycled bottles and eco products. They distribute nationwide as well as being readily available in supermarkets. They recycle their sugar plastic containers, have refill stations and offer bulk purchasing with discounts.    


7. Installing visual icons for club drains

Community Outreach

3. Developing a community initiative


1. Including environmentalism in sailing coaching programmes

To come:

Yachting New Zealand lesson plans to complement Learn to Sail programmes.

2. Encouraging green boating practices

4. Raising awareness of local habitats and wildlife


5. Education around marine biosecurity


6. Providing education and reminders about predator-free initiatives

7. Encouraging responsible dog ownership

8. Advocating for responsible fishing attitudes

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