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Waste Management 7

Reduce single-use food service ware

Keep cups / reusables / plastic-free service items / compostables


Offer keep cups to club members rather than using takeaway cups
Why – Takeaway coffee cups fill up our landfills in their millions. While many are compostable, unfortunately most end up in landfills where they break down and contribute to harmful carbon and nitrogen emissions.


How - Be creative and consider ways to encourage the use of keep cups.


Choose paper napkins and bathroom paper towels that can be composted
Why – It’s estimated that if every New Zealander visited the bathroom just once a day for a year and used two paper towels to dry their hands each time, there would be enough paper waste to cover Eden Park’s number one field eight times over. Combine that with paper towels used in the kitchen and we have a lot of Eden Parks to fill.


How - We can reduce the waste going to landfills by choosing uncoated napkins and paper towels that can then be composted.


Find alternatives for plastic bottles, straws or dinnerware at your club
Why – Sadly, even the most remote parts of our oceans are affected by plastic pollution with plastic bottles, caps and food wrappers being some of the worst offenders.

How - Continue with washable dinnerware or try offering alternatives such as paper straws, bamboo plates, compostable cutlery and encourage metal drink bottles.

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