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Waste Management 4

Create signage to inform and educate members on correct waste stream choices

Why - Good waste management requires well-labelled bins, making it easy for people to sort their waste. With three potential waste streams – landfill, recycling and compost – clear signage is extremely important.


Proper bin signage and placement not only reduces contamination but also allows for an opportunity to educate why certain waste belongs where.


While recycling is still important for materials such as aluminium and glass, it might horrify you to learn that only nine percent of all plastics ever made have been recycled. Plastics are more likely to end up in landfill, incinerated or making their way into the natural environment. We must prioritise reducing plastics at the source.

How – Begin by researching waste and recycling requirements in your region


Ask for advice and input from your waste collection service provider.

Identify specific items that are frequently used at your club and use images or actual items as well as words to help clarify and prompt what bins should be used.

Source ready-made signs or create your own.

Ensure you maintain the signs over time – rubbish is a messy business after all.

If you are hosting larger-scale events, there are council initiatives that offer free or low-cost signage and bin hire eg

See our resource guide for more information.

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