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Waste Management 5

Work with suppliers to reduce packaging for deliveries

Why – We can influence how and what our suppliers manufacture by choosing how and what we buy.

By working with our suppliers and requesting that food, new boats and other items are not delivered in plastic and polystyrene, we are influencing not only the production chain but also how much waste we as end users are required to dispose of.


How – Talk to your providers to discuss new methods or options for delivering produce that reduces or eliminates harmful packaging.

Check if suppliers will recollect packaging, eg polystyrene for reuse or recycling.

Keep it simple with everyday choices, like supporting a local bakery to supply freshly-baked rolls in a cardboard box rather than plastic bags. 

Ask for cardboard padding in new boat deliveries instead of polystyrene.

Consider purchasing products with biodegradable packaging rather than plastics.

There are many ways to contribute to reducing waste and pollution through single-use packaging.

Approach your local café and work together to improve packaging options for your members when they purchase food - eg ask if your local café will stock reusable coffee cups for your members and create a club project to supply and use these rather than use takeaway cups when buying a hot drink. 

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