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Waste Management 3

Create three streams of waste for all club activities - recycling, compost, landfill

Why - The Government’s landfill levy will progressively increase over the next four years from $10 per tonne to $60 per tonne. There is no better time to start a streamed waste system to reduce the volume of landfill from your club, as well as reduce costs.

How – Having completed a waste audit will help assess the volumes of waste to process and which provider will help you the most.

Start with recycling, compost and landfill. Consider key areas within your facilities to set up your new bin system – eg clubhouse, kitchen and boat compound.

Bins can be anything from stylish sets of matching bins or something you’ve repurposed. Ensure good clear signage to help educate members on which bins to use.

An added bonus of this updated and well-functioning waste system is that clubs have been able to offset waste costs by including a ‘waste fee’ in venue hire agreements.

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