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Resource Conversation 5

Eliminate harmful cleaning products in and around club facilities

Why - Most of what we put down the drain will end up in the sea. Wastewater processing plants are increasingly challenged to remove the wide range of cleaning product ingredients that end up in our wastewater systems and a large portion of chemical pollutants are not removed from our wastewater before they reach the ocean. We can eliminate an enormous volume of harmful ingredients by making the simple decision to change the products we use and not only make a difference to the environment but also to the harmful effects of chemicals on the health of those people using the products.


How – Consult with members, cleaners and those who use and purchase cleaning products to select from the wide range of eco-friendly cleaning products available.

Engage with contract cleaners to request they use their own biodegradable products or look to provide products for them.

Try creating your own homemade cleaning products using household items such as vinegar and baking soda. 

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