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Resource Conversation 6

Create best-practice guidelines for your members to follow around small-scale boat repairs and maintenance

Why – Boats are a labour of love that require constant upkeep to maintain performance. Clubs can set the expectations for how waste materials and by-products should be handled by having a simple set of reminders or guidelines for members.

How – Ensure any materials that result from boat work, sanding, fibreglassing, drilling and rigging are collected and disposed of in landfill – e.g. electrical tape, rope ends, bungy cord, metal shaving, fibreglass dust. 

Use sanding/grinding power tools that have a vacuum bag attached.

Lay a large cloth, blanket or towel below your workspace to collect harmful waste and dispose of in landfill rather than letting it blow into the sea or surrounding area.

Try to avoid windy days where dust and spray is harder to contain.

Have reminders in newsletters and designate a certain area for this type of work.

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