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Education 8

Be an advocate for responsible fishing attitudes

Why – Large sections of New Zealand’s marine ecosystems have been devastated by commercial and recreational overfishing.


New Zealand has one of the world's highest boats-per-capita ratios, with an estimated one in eight individuals owning a boat. This, combined with a growing drive in the recreational fishing industry, means everyday Kiwis are adding pressure to our marine ecosystems.

Signs of imbalance are showing with vast portions of seabed being reduced to kina barrens, where they should be rich kelp forests supporting abundant life. Supporting and encouraging responsible fishing attitudes is a vital step in changing the tide on this issue.

How – Take a lead role in learning together about how to move towards harvesting kaimoana more sustainably and protecting marine resources for the future.

Use newsletters, social media and club information boards to post up-to-date rules for catch limits, marine reserve boundaries and other fishing restrictions. Encourage a sustainable mindset if running a fishing contest and give prizes for photos of fish being 'released' rather than 'caught'. Educate around the purpose and rules of a rahui.

Consider being part of a citizens science project collecting data and information for research.


Organise social opportunities and invite guest speakers to talk on marine resource protection and how your members
can have a positive effect on a struggling ecosystem.


See our resource section for more information.

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