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Repurpose old sailing equipment and clothing  

Why – Whether you are a competitive racer or enjoy boating recreationally, there are a lot of different types of gear you use while boating, including lifejackets, wetsuits, foul weather gear, gloves and ropes. What do you do with gear that has been outgrown or has reached its end life? There are a variety of ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle boating gear to help reduce waste that may otherwise end up in landfill or our oceans.

How – Yachting New Zealand can support the recycling of boats, equipment and clothing through the Grassroots Sailing NZ Facebook page.

Alternatively, your regional development manager may know of clubs in need of equipment.

There are many ways to utilise used items. Be creative or consider some of the options below.

Set up a gear donation box or a gear swap day when boaties can donate or swap clothing, gloves and lifejackets and equipment no longer used.

Set up a sail drive at your club or marina to collect old sails that can be repurposed into bags for prizes or sale. Think outside the box – eg can they be repurposed as shade cloth for local schools?

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