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Resource Conversation 8

Consider where your energy is used

Why - The scientific evidence is clear and irrefutable - human activity is causing our planet to warm at an alarming rate. As boaties, we spend so much of our time in, on or around the water and we notice weather systems changing already. The time for action as individuals, communities, nations and global networks is now.


How – Ask service providers, like power companies, for your club’s history of consumption. You may need the help of your treasurer or club accountant to help access the correct account details for your club.

Compile these in a format that can be easily measured against future efforts to reduce emissions and then share with members to create greater awareness.

Break your efforts down into specific areas of focus:


Direct emissions - e.g. outboard fuel use, gas consumption
Investigate using battery-powered outboards at your club.

Ask members, spectators and coaches to boat share at regattas to reduce the number of outboards on the water.

Ask for club boats to anchor when possible, instead of idling for long periods.

Educate and have rules around the speed boats can travel for different situations on the water. Travelling at full throttle may be important in safety situations but unnecessary when heading out to lay a course. This simple practice will help improve fuel costs and reduce emissions. Ensure club boat engines are well serviced and maintained to help reduce emissions.

General emissions / indirect emissions - eg travel of members to the club and regattas
Encourage club members and keelboat crews to car-pool when travelling to and from regattas or club events such as committee meetings. This not only saves on fuel costs but is also more social. Encourage the use of large, multi-boat trailers for transport to regattas.

Post information on bus and ferry timetables to encourage the use of public transport where possible.

Electricity consumption - eg lighting, heating
Look to LED lighting options when current lights need replacing.

Include a section in your venue hire agreement around responsible energy use for lights and heating. Look to install timers or sensors for lights to reduce the length of time in use.

Ensure your power heaters are used efficiently and at a reasonable setting with a heat-off sensor. Consider installing solar panels to reduce your cub’s electricity consumption.

Research the best performers based on consumption of power and water etc when purchasing new electrical products for your club.

Install or invest in renewable energy.

Provision with recycled materials.

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