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Kenya builds world's first sailboat from re-purposed plastic waste.

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

An East African movement named Flipflopi is on a mission to end single use plastic and inspire a plastic-reuse revolution through positive storytelling, education and campaigning.

They came up with the creative idea to build a sailboat made from plastic waste that was washing up the shores of Kenya.

The boat was created using techniques from building traditional sailing boats called dhow, however this dhow was created with a big difference!

It was built using 7 tonnes of recycled plastic compressed into molds, 1500 plastic bottles for the sail and covered in sheets made from 30,000 jandals (flip flops)

It has successfully been sailing around the coasts of Eastern Africa and down to Cape Town.

The group is now building a second, larger boat to set off sail around the world to spread their message further and encouraging change in a positive way.

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