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Education 4

Bring awareness to local habitat and wildlife

Why - Many sailors and boaties have stories of interactions with sea animals, birds, oceans and places that leave us with a profound connection to our environment. Protecting and bringing awareness to those habitats is an important part of the stewardship and advocacy role our clubs can play. From over-fishing, pollution, loss of habitat, erosion and much more, there are a huge number of areas that need support.

How – Research what types of wildlife may be in or near your local waterways. Remember, some species are migratory and may be present only at certain times of the year.

Determine how your members could impact wildlife and provide information to prevent or minimise this.

Use posters, social media and newsletter updates to provide guidance on rules and regulations around proximity of boats to marine wildlife and bring awareness to specific rules that apply for your region. Include information for club members with dogs to protect coastal areas that are home to endangered species and nesting birds.

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