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Administration & Leadership 4

Run national or regional regattas hosted as Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas 

Why – The Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas programme is the world’s leading sustainability certification for all on-the-water, near-the-water, and water-loving events. More than 2800 events worldwide have so far shown their commitment to sustainability by hosting clean regattas since the programme’s inception in 2006, reaching more than 750,000 sailors in 49 countries. Clean Regattas is a free, self-assessment tool with powerful resources and support that awards certification levels from participant to platinum.


How – Start by registering your club with Sailors for the Sea and follow the easy step-by-step online process. During the Clean Regatta registration process with Sailors for the Sea, please note that you are part of the Clean Club programme in the text box below the best practice check list. You will need a green team. You can start with a single volunteer but you will achieve a greater long-term environmental impact with more people involved.

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